Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Elegant and fun Falling Snow Jewelry Collection

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Banner Ad

We are looking at some new banner ads and here are the examples.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Padlock your love at the Milvian Bridge, Italy

An ancient bridge, a new padlock, and Italy.....ah amore!!!

On our latest trip we visited Rome, Italy and a little bridge called the Milivian Bridge that spans the river Tiber. This slurl for the bridge is Impero Island (113,242,27)

Here we are resting on one of the many romantic benches along the walkway that borders the famous bridge

Resting our feet as we relax, and take in the romantic views.

Tashaa is wearing what else but the bikini that was named for her and blue chrome nails. Both available at our store Flirts at Impero Island or at our see this and even more at our Main Store Flirts in Desire.

Hmmm...wonder what that little church looks like inside.

A small is Italy!!!

Legend has it that if you and your love place a padlock around one of the lamp posts and then throw the key in the river Tiber, your love will last forever.

This legend was popularized in the book and movie "Three Meters Above the Sky" by Federico Moccia. The English Title was "Three Steps Over Heaven. So rush out ot the foreign section of the local video store--after you finish reading this ;)

This is the dance area leading up to the main span of the bridge. It is also used for Fashion Shows.

Buy a lock so you can inscribe yours name and your loves name (in a floating text way) and then place the lock on the bridge.

You will have to be part of the Impero Web group to use the lock....

Once you have a lock, drop it near the lampost of your choice. Say yours and your loves name and padlock your love forever!!! Or at least until the maintenance guy comes to cut your locks loose.

But this is SL, and so no maintenance personel are allowed!!! At least that is what the owners of the sim said ;)

Don't worry there a lots of lamposts, so you can find just the right one.

Once you have "padlocked" your love, walk over to the Flirts at Impero Island store at the mall and enjoy another Italian love--shopping!!!

Need a suggestion? How about the French Tip Pinkalicious manicure that Tashaa is wearing, and the lovely bikini she is wearing. Available at our shop in the mall Flirts at Impero Island or at our see this and even more at our Main Store Flirts in Desire.

Another view of the mall from the main fountain.

Don't forget to enjoy the romance of Italy...